Schleich – Battle crab with weapon


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It likes slow enemies best, but with its six legs the ferocious, blue and red battle crab can move lightning-fast and quickly catch up with even the swiftest of opponents Ð for the crab doesnÕt hesitate for an instant if it spots intruders! It makes no difference whether itÕs one foe or several at once: because itÕs so quick and agile, the battle crab can effortlessly outmanoeuvre any opponents on the ground. And then things get uncomfortable for them: without batting an eyelid (not that the battle crab has any anyway), it seizes hold of the attacker with one of its big claws Ð and then thereÕs no escaping its grip, no matter how much its victim struggles! Even if the battle crab only squeezes gently, itÕs still incredibly painful and pinches a lot! Fun fact-In PE, it always came first in the 100 metres!