Schleich – Big Horse Show Expanded


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The big horse show has begun! Only the fastest rider with the fewest faults gets to stand on the victorÕs podium at the end. They get a wonderful trophy and their horse gets a beautiful victorÕs wreath.
Fun Fact: In order to ensure that the horses donÕt get injured, the stone walls used in showjumping arenÕt made of real stone.
Functions: Variably adjustable obstacles, Variably connectible fence system, Detachable decoration on the winners’ podium, Use the fences to make a paddock!
Content: 1 x podium with roof, 1 x gate, 21 x fence, 1 x Trakehner stallion, 1 red show jumping rider, 1 x show jumping saddle, 2 x bridle, 1 x Trakehner stallion 1 x tournament rider, 1 x tournament saddle, 1 x blue jump, 1 x red jump, 1 x green jump, 1 x jump wall, 1 x jump water trench with flowers, 4 x large flag, 2 x small flag, 2 x boxtree, 1 x trophy, 1 x silver medal, 1 x yellow victory ribbon, 1 x red victory ribbon, 1 x purple victory ribbon, 1 x victory wreath, 2 x stickers, 7 x jump numbers
Suitable for age 3 yrs+