Schleich – Pick Up with Horse Box


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Today, the Friesian mare Bella is being taken to her new stall. Her groom, Betty, leads her carefully into the spacious horse box. Then she gets into the pick-up, and the journey can begin. Good luck in the new stall, Bella!
Fun Fact: Lots of horses get agitated when they travel in the horse box. But if theyÕre well tended to, they will be less excitable.
Functions: Detachable roof, Trailer big enough to hold two horses, Room for saddle and bridle, Room for animal feed and water!
Content: 1 x baler, 1x horse trailer, 1x Friesian mare, 1x horse groomer, 1x blanket, 1x headstall, 1x carrot, 1x black grooming brush, 1 x blue harness, 1 x leisure saddle, 1 x bridle, 2 x hay bale, 1 x carrot
Suitable for age 3 yrs+