Established in 1965 – Poppyshop on Lygon Street, Carlton has long been a favourite for many. With the core value of play base learning at its heart.

Over 55 years of sourcing the most beautiful, sustainable and durable toys from all over the world – Poppyshop is a trusted store with experienced staff always helpful and full of great advice and gift ideas. A community icon standing the test of time.

For many years it has been the little toy store where generations have come. Now, Grandparents who brought their own children to discover the wonder and joy of quality made toys bring their grandchildren, to experience the wonder…… of Poppyshop.

Many a child has spent their hard-earned pocket money on one or more of the many trinkets jammed packed on the shelves. With one eye on what is the next purchase. Many an adult reminisce of their past as a child or simply the nostalgic memories evoked as soon as you walk in the door. I love the joy on people’s faces, the laughter and stories told.

The door to this treasure trove of amazing toys and gifts is always open. When I took over the business in 2014, I hoped I could continue the legacy of joy, quality toys and fun that the previous owner Pat Knox had left. 7 years on I feel we’ve continued the unique success of this amazing store that for many years to come will remain the favourite or “go to” shop for many.